PDX Pop Now! is currently accepting resumes and letters of interest in anticipation of the 2016 Festival season. Those candidates that are selected will have an amazing opportunity to shadow under the current Board or Coordinator, volunteer for your community, and get hands on training and mentorship as they guide the organization through the 2016 season. Please note, all positions are ALL volunteer, as is the festival, one of the only all volunteer run music festivals in the nation!

Grants Coordinator

Under the supervision of the Development Director, the Grants Coordinator will research, develop and prepare grant applications from beginning to end for the purpose of providing funding and supporting the mission of PDX Pop Now!

Position Responsibilities:

  • Generates revenue for Outreach programs, Festival logistics, and Compilation distribution through timely submission of well-researched, well-written, and well-documented fund-raising proposals.
  • Composes/compiles necessary follow-up evaluation reports required by any government, foundation and other leads. (e.g. narratives, work plans, budgets, letters of inquiry, etc.)
  • Updates Board of Directors on progress of current proposals and current state of affairs.
  • Researches and identifies new funding prospects in the areas of Arts, Music, Community Outreach, and Education.
  • Serves as a PPN! liaison to funding agencies and community organizations, networking to identify applicable funding opportunities by demonstrating a strong understanding of institutional history and programs.
  • Attends bi-monthly meetings (typically takes place on Monday evenings)
  • One-year minimum commitment (Board members preferably commit to their positions for two-year terms)
  • Assists other departments during the year and helps staff the PDX Pop Now! summer music festival

Position Qualification:

  • Passionate about local music and dedicated to PDX Pop Now!’s mission
  • Experience and success with past grant proposals preferred.

Please send a letter of interest and a resume to and include a brief letter of interest and resume/cv.

Outreach Coordinator

The primary responsibility of the Outreach Coordinator is to reach out to new communities on behalf of PDX Pop Now!, as well as to advocate for more inclusive policies and practices within the music community that include: all-ages access, neighborhood involvement, civic outreach, and inter-organizational partnerships. The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for, at a minimum, one school program and another community event, (ArtSpark, City Hall event, Neighborhood block party, etc.). As the Outreach coordinator, you will be responsible for the organizing and networking involved in our in-school programming. You will work under the Youth Director and assist with coordination of these events, reaching out to available schools and building relationships with partnering non-profits. This is an incredible opportunity to gain more experience in event planning and educational leadership in local schools. Not to mention making a huge impact in your community!

Position Responsibilities:

  • Attend Bi-weekly Board meetings.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with area schools and administrators, City Hall administrators, and community organizations for the enhancement of PDX Pop Now! outreach programs.
  • Meet with school faculty and members of community organizations to plan outreach programs and find appropriate community partners as classroom presenters, and determine appropriate ways of promoting the program to students.
  • Identify and seek out new partnerships to expand PDX Pop Now! outreach efforts
  • Work with logistics coordinator and booking director to coordinate tech and talent needs for school and community shows
  • Work with communication coordinator to promote outreach programming to local media outlets and to secure media coverage at outreach programs.
  • Work with grants coordinator to identify grant opportunities to fund outreach programs
  • Establish a committee, if necessary, to assist in the development of community partners, identify new school partners, and the solicitation of sponsorships and in-kind donations
  • Develop and maintain budget for annual outreach programming and report expenditures and revenues for budget tracking

If you are interested, please contact and include a brief letter of interest and resume/cv.

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