PDX Pop Now! is currently accepting resumes and letters of interest in anticipation of the 2016 Festival season. Those candidates that are selected will have an amazing opportunity to shadow under the current Board or Coordinator volunteer and get hands on training and mentorship as they guide the organization through the 2016 season.

Volunteer Coordinator

As part of the Administrative Department, the primary responsibility of this position is to recruit and retain volunteers for any PDX Pop Now! related event, board, committees, etc. but mainly the annual festival event.

Please contact with a letter of interest and resume for this position.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Organizes, coordinates and manages the recruitment and retention of volunteers for the annual festival, various committees, board, educational programs and other events as needed.

  • Maintains updated records on all volunteers.

  • Sets up and attends volunteer training meetings. Reports to staff on volunteer activities as needed.

  • Recommends and develops ongoing volunteer utilization.

  • Develops and implements annual volunteer recognition event.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend monthly team meetings.

  • Respond to emails in a timely manner.

Must possess excellent organizational, planning and communication skills.
Prior experience is encouraged but not mandatory.

Outreach Coordinator

The primary responsibility of the Outreach Coordinator is to reach out to new communities on behalf of PDX Pop Now!, as well as to advocate for more inclusive policies and practices within the music community that include: all-ages access, neighborhood involvement, civic outreach, and inter-organizational partnerships. The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for, at a minimum, one school program and another community event, (ArtSpark, City Hall event, Neighborhood block party, etc.). As the Outreach coordinator, you will be responsible for the organizing and networking involved in our in-school programming. You will work under the Youth Director and assist with coordination of these events, reaching out to available schools and building relationships with partnering non-profits. This is an incredible opportunity to gain more experience in event planning and educational leadership in local schools. Not to mention making a huge impact in your community!

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend Bi-weekly Board meetings.

  • Develop and maintain partnerships with area schools and administrators, City Hall administrators, and community organizations for the enhancement of PDX Pop Now! outreach programs.

  • Meet with school faculty and members of community organizations to plan outreach programs and find appropriate community partners as classroom presenters, and determine appropriate ways of promoting the program to students.

  • Identify and seek out new partnerships to expand PDX Pop Now! outreach efforts.

  • Work with logistics coordinator and booking director to coordinate tech and talent needs for school and community shows.

  • Work with communication coordinator to promote outreach programming to local media outlets and to secure media coverage at outreach programs.

  • Work with grants coordinator to identify grant opportunities to fund outreach programs.

  • Establish a committee, if necessary, to assist in the development of community partners, identify new school partners, and the solicitation of sponsorships and in-kind donations.

  • Develop and maintain budget for annual outreach programming and report expenditures and revenues for budget tracking.

If you are interested, please contact and include a brief letter of interest and resume.

Administrative Director:

The Administrative Director oversees and coordinates the operations of the Executive Board to ensure that the programs of PDX Pop Now! are executed effectively.  Additionally, the Administrative Director is responsible for managing the personnel of PDX Pop Now! in conjunction with the Volunteer Coordinator and oversees the Logistics team.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Take meeting minutes at board meetings as well as send task follow ups after meetings and reminders before the subsequent meeting.

  • Coordinate and communicate efforts between different branches of PDX Pop Now!: Board of Directors, Coordinators, Volunteers and Committees.

  • Manage the calendar of events, programs, and decision making of the board.

  • Manage the Volunteer Coordinator and support their efforts to recruit and retain volunteers, coordinators and board members.

  • Attend all board meetings.

Logistics Coordinator

We are currently seeking a logistics assistant to support and train under the current logistics coordinator. Ideally, this person would transition into the lead logistics coordinator position for next year.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating with vendors, local businesses, city offices, and internal staff to ensure equipment, amenities, contracts and permits are in order and compliant

  • Provide on-site support during the summer festival (July 24-26, 2015).

  • Attend all board meetings.

Previous experience with project management or event coordination preferred. Please submit a cover letter and resume to 


Freelance Media

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

As part of the Media team you will be dispatched and asked to cover one of the many ongoing events we have throughout the year including, the Compilation CD Release Party, Make it Pop, Outreach in the Schools, the Festival, and more. This is a tremendous opportunity for those looking to build, or enhance their current portfolio/reel. This position expects you to be able to either have or be able to rent any gear necessary.

Please contact and include a brief letter of interest and also links to online content and portfolios.

The following positions are currently available:

  • Photographer
  • Videographer

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