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PDX Pop Now! 2012 Board of Directors

PDX Pop Now! is managed by a volunteer Board of Executive Directors and Coordinators. Each Director is responsible for overseeing a particular facet of the organization, including but not limited to Logistics, Fundraising/Sponsorship, Grants, Outreach, Booking, Compilation, Tech/Web, Volunteer Coordination, Communications and Design. In this regard our Board operates in the capacity of a rotating volunteer staff.

Administrative Department

Administrative Director: Christine Rutan
Volunteer Coordinator: Beth Martin
Legal Counselor: Peter Shaver (Sound Advice, LLC)

Artistic Department

Artistic Director: Chris Cantino
Compilation Coordinator: Rochelle Hunter

Development Department

Development Director: Julie Miller
Grants Coordinator: Julie Miller
Grant Writer: Chris Hext
Grant Writer: Jonathan Frochtzwajg
Grant Writer: Adrien Murphy
Sponsorship Coordinator: Renata Tirta
Fundraising Coordinator: Sanne Stienstra

Events Department

Events Director: Lydia Mazer
Outreach Coordinator: Lydia Mazer
Festival Coordinator: Lauren Joyner

Finance Department

Finance Director: Chelsea Rice
Bookkeeper: Marian Slakie (Magnolia Management)

Media Department

Media Director: Annie Ostrowski
Tech Coordinator: Mike Elliott
Graphic Designer: Cole Gerst (Option G)
P.R.: Chris Hnat (230 Publicity)


Annie Ostrowski, Media Director, relocated to Portland after graduating with a degree in communications at Sonoma State University. She currently works as a music publicist for Riot Act Media and contributing writer to, in addition to her longtime role as the editor and writer for the Noise Pop & Treasure Island music festivals out of San Francisco. Annie began her volunteer work with PDX Pop Now! in 2011 as part of the 2012 festival booking committee and joined the board as Communications Coordinator summer 2012.

Beth Martin, Volunteer Coordinator, is a Northwest native living in Portland since 2006. She began volunteering for PPN! in 2011 at the Compilation Release Party and during the summer Festival. She spent 2012 with PPN! on both the Booking and Listening Committee. She then joined PPN! as Volunteer Coordinator in Fall of 2012. In her spare time she enjoys planning her weekly radio show, running, cooking and frequenting shows around town. She currently works in the development department of a local liberal arts college.

Chelsea Rice, Finance Director, a Midwest transplant, has lived in Portland for 5 years. She is a Finance student at Portland State University, graduating in Spring 2012 and enjoys linking the analytical with the artistic. Being part of PPN! was a great way for Chelsea to get more connected to local music. In her spare time she enjoys canning and pickling, photography and is slowly learning to play the drums.

Chris Cantino, Artistic Director, is the producer and editor of Portland’s Into the Woods TV, a documentary film group that profiles musicians in unusual locations and highlights social justice issues. Chris is also a freelance journalist and musician, and during the day he works counseling at-risk youth in the community. This is Chris’s second year volunteering with PDX Pop Now!

Christine Rutan, Administrative Director, recently graduated from Bowdoin College in Maine
where she studied English and Environmental Studies and worked for the college’s radio station,
WBOR. She joined the board in March, but has volunteered with PDX Pop Now! in various roles
since 2005. Having grown up in and around the organization, she is excited to be back in Portland to return the favor and help PDX Pop Now! with its own growth.

Julie Miller, Development Director, moved to Portland in January 2012 after receiving her master’s degree in Non-Profit Management. A native Floridian, Julie spent several years in the Midwest working for a variety of nonprofits as both a marketing and development professional. Her love of music and the outdoors drew her to Portland, and she started volunteering as a Development Coordinator at PDX Pop Now! a month after her arrival. She currently serves as the Communications Specialist for the Portland Chapter of the Red Cross.

Lauren Joyner, Logistics Coordinator, moved to Portland from North Carolina six years ago to pursue a Masters in Architecture from the University of Oregon. After finishing her degree and beginning a career as an urban designer, Lauren coordinated the launch of a national young professionals group, the New Rail~Volutionaries, with the planning of a filmfest at the annual Rail~Volution conference in 2010. She then led the local Portland chapter in the development of the Streetcar Mobile Musicfest, another annual event that places musicians on streetcars to celebrate and heighten awareness of alternative transportation as a catalyst to vibrant communities. PDX Pop Now! signed on as a partner to the first annual event in 2011. Lauren crossed over from the Streetcar Mobile Musicfest to assist PDX Pop Now! with its festival logistics coordination in 2012. Along with currently providing logistics coordination for PDX Pop Now! and the Streetcar Mobile Musicfest, Lauren also moonlights as a project-manager-for-hire, and loves it when she gets to coordinate projects like PDX Pop Now! that mesh her love of all things events, community, and especially Portland.

Lydia Mazer, Events Director, is also the PDX Pop Now! Outreach Coordinator. She moved to Portland in 2008 from Brooklyn, New York. Her long-time interest in music and sparking creative interest in kids has coalesced into one harmonious position at PPN! whereas in the past, she’s had to do two separate things to plug both of those little heart-holes. In addition to volunteering for PPN!, she founded and runs the local nonprofit ABCPDX, an organization that teaches students to live out their fantasies of being pirates/dinosaurs/astronauts/brussel sprouts through writing in the Portland Public Schools.

Mike Elliott, Tech Coordinator, is a nefarious videographer & audio engineer,whom just happens to also assists non profits and the local arts community with photography, web development, design, and strategy. Though he is by no means a Jack of all trades, Michael surely exudes and evangelizes the DIY ethic & spirit. Having toured the world as musician and composer from a very young age, Michael is quite psyched to contribute to a kick-butt organization that is highly committed to bringing music and the arts to the Portland community.

Renata Tirta, Fundraising & Sponsorship Coordinator, moved to Portland after recently graduating from Linfield College, in McMinnville, OR, where she programmed musical events for the campus. She currently works in the field on international education at a local liberal arts college. Renata started volunteering with PDX Pop Now! in 2010 as a way of staying involved in the Portland music scene. Her position on the board continues her passion for creating partnerships between music and community. Aside from music and work, she enjoys cooking and maintains her blog—Half Pint Girl.

Rochelle Hunter, Compilation Coordinator, has lived in Portland for three years and has been volunteering on the Booking Committee for the last two years. Actively pursuing her passion for cultivating the local creative community, she has been enjoying going to shows many nights a week, and working on many events and projects in Portland. She’s a Freelance Writer for the Portland Mercury, a Booking Coordinator for the 2012 Streetcar Mobile Musicfest, Production Assistant for two venues at Music Fest NW 2012, Event Coordinator of the 2012 Rigsketball Portland Band Basketball Tournament, and books shows for a few venues in town. Rochelle is looking forward to furthering her experience with PDX Pop Now! and with the local music community as the new Compilation Coordinator.

All Board Members can be reached by email at

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