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2005-01-04 Yes, we are planning for the second year of the pdxpopnow music fest. More detail will follow.

2004-07-27 After selling out of our first pressing in less than two weeks, the second batch of PDXpopnow! comp CDs is finally here! SE Clinton/Hawthorne stores (Jackpot, Local 35, In Other Words, Green Noise, Q is for Choir) were restocked yesterday -- Everyday Music, Ozone, Music Millenium, and others will be restocked this week. Thanks to everyone for supporting Portland music!

2004-07-14 Willamette Week has a post show comment here.

2004-07-12 We sold out of our PDX Pop Now! compilation CD. However we are making a second printing, it will be in local music stores soon.

2004-07-09 We are the top music pick for this week on Oregonian, and they have an article about us. The Portland Tribune has also an article here.

2004-07-08 The Stranger has a CD review of our comp, it is here. We are working hard to beautify Meow Meow today, we paint walls, build cool balloon light proscenium, hang disco ball, make DIY sandwich board. We can already feel the excitement in the air.

2004-07-07 We are in the press! Feature on Portland Mercury over here. There are also two stories on today Willamette Week paper about us. One is a cover story on the festival, and the other is a CD review of our compilation CD. Finally, check out the latest issue of Just Out, there is an interview with our Cori Taratoot about the festival.

2004-07-01 We have a great turn out at the Holocene CD release party. Thank you all for coming. We can tell Matt was brimming with joy from the big smile on his face. Judging from the crowd tonight, we anticipate an equally great turn out at the festival. We hope to see you all there.

2004-06-30 Our PDX Pop Now! Compilation CD is getting rotation at the 94.7 Alternative Portland radio station. You can tune in and check out the songs from the CD. Also, you can get the CD at our CD release party at Holocene on July 1st.

2004-06-25 We have a table at the PDX Zine Symposium to promote the PDX Pop Now! music festival and the compilation CD that accompanies the festival. If you miss the chance to buy it directly from us, it is available at local music store now.

2004-06-24 Greg Borenstein wrote a poem about our labor of love:

We are a festival of frayed cardboard edges -- of ends of fingers sticky with spray glue -- of rectangles cut off-straight by Kinko's cutters -- of bar code stickers with folded-under corners -- of borrowed stages and signs made of old doors -- of endlessly wandering conversations and repeated revisiting of closed subjects -- of last minute shuffled slotting and no water.

We are also a festival of music that people like and that they will like -- on CD, on stage, for free.

And our compilation is ready for the stores -- in ten stickered-boxes gleaming with spray glue and shrinkwrapping.

And our CD release party is booked and waiting -- with bands that people want to see and nice things to raffle off.

And our promotional material is numerous and unavoidable -- on shelves and in publications and from the mouths of the musical community.

And our festival is inching, inching closer -- the bands are booked, the stages arranged, the sound supplied and manned.

We have done well.
And we're almost home

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