The Forth

Excerpt from Portland Mercury

The Forths'  music has a stilted stop-start quality that collapses into a bright release. Its as though their harsher instincts are reigned in, barely stifled. While benign, free falling bewilderment flourishes. They're not holding back musically or falling below some potential. The effect is more like grinding teeth, the kind of anger that rules you and is dubiously justifiable. One part of the music mutters ghoulishly and roars like a twelve year old girl about to burst into Elektra and strangle mom. Then the more ponderous voice comes in and snatches the progression into a manageable sparseness with cooing vocals. Mixing hard soft hard aint exactly new in this neck of the woods, but the way they do it is... tense. In a I kinda wanna break cocktails on your face, but I'm not sure I should. And why not? I don't know, ask The Forth.

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