Little did Kieskagato know that in 10 years, they'd be touring the country with a band name that no one could pronounce [it's key - ska - got- oh], and playing an amalgamation of indie-rock, jazz and latin music that critics would describe as occupying "such a vast sonic scale that it is hard to classify." Whether due to the initial group dynamics, lots of hard work, or shear luck, Kieskagato has dramatically morphed into one of the most unique, challenging, and musically rewarding bands on the rise in America today.

Originally called Room 101, they found that nearly every city they visited had another band called Room 101. Seeing trouble down the road, a decision was reached to change the band name. Many hours of thought and argument went into this, and in the end, founding member Adam Schultz's wife's cat's name was the answer all could agree upon. Kieska (the cat's name) is Russian, and Gato is Spanish for cat. Put together, they are a pleasant piece of gibberish that does not pigeonhole the music and that no other band will claim.

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