Blue Skies for Black Hearts

fame, misfortune, love, loss, separation, blue skies, black and broken hearts, happiness, fear, and hope.

These are all themes woven into the music of Blue Skies for Black Hearts. What was once a solo project for songwriter/audio-engineer Pat Kearns became a band with the addition of Jean Paul Ramos on drums and percussion, Mike Lewis on guitar and bass, and Ratch Aronica on keyboards and percussion. All four also sing. With each new member jumping on board their sound has been fleshed out considerably and what once was a collection of dreamy pop songs has turned into punchy rockers bolstered with unusual keyboard accents and great harmonies.

Live, BS4BH is a young band having only performed their first shows during the Fall of 2001. But they have been fortunate to play on bills for KPSU and with the Starlight Mints and San Diego's artist of the year, the Incredible Moses Leroy as well as opening for veterans like Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze. In January of 2002, their unreleased full-length, This Black Heart is Gonna Break, went to #1 on both the album and singles charts on KBOO's Church of Northwest Music hosted by Marc Baker.

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