At Dusk

by Valusint Borble

At Dusk is like whatever your favorite music is, only more badical. Onward.

We are At Dusk, a rock band composed of 3 friends who attended high school with one another in Los Angeles. We played music together during those golden, bygone days and went our separate ways for college (2 to Reed, 1 to Yale). This distance, oddly, kicked off an era of tremendous productivity for us. Over the course of those 4 years, we regularly sent each other tapes of song fragments to work on while apart, and would lock ourselves in one of our garages when at home together for breaks to write and document what we wrote. Having graduated in the Spring of 02, we reconvened in Portland, OR to make music cruel mistress that she is a fulltime enterprise. Since our fateful arrival, we have released 2 albums - "The Summer of Promises Kept" (2003) and "Heights" (2004) - and toured the whole wide world.

Our music falls somewhere on the new and exciting Indie Rock spectrum, influenced equally by Philip Glass, Sonic Youth, Romanian Gypsy Music (not a joke), Pavement, and The Byrds. For your amusement, we shall now compare ourselves (somewhat seriously) to Mission of Burma, had they been from the West Coast, fronted by a confused Colin Blunstone and Brian Wilson, with Jorge Ben, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the Pace Twins go-go dancing, clapping out a beat, and cheering from the wings of the stage. Beyond these semi-truths, however, is the sound of a band comprised of 3 friends-from-childhood who know each other as people, and as musicians very, very well.

At Dusk Is:

Greg Borenstein Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Cary Clarke Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Will Hattman Drums, Vocals

Band website:

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