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SEAGULLS INTO SUBMISSION 7" by Eyelids At their core, Eyelids are a four-piece band bobbing in the wake of late ‘80s college rock, plying potent fuzz-rock wares and making it look all too easy. That’s probably because at their core, Eyelids is also an assemblage of some of the most revered songwriters in the country. […]

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Fringe Class

Like a Brat Pack film set in an urban high school that never was, Fringe Class revisit ’80s stylings—yes, there are synths a-plenty—with a heavy dose of 2014 nonchalance. “You’re upset or mad about/ The things I do for fun/When I’m out and on the run,” vocalist M. Gold pitches and wails on “Stay Touch.” […]

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Old Age

Wildlife by Old Age Old Age hails from the forests of Corvallis, Oregon. These hard-working, bearded gentlemen are old souls playing soulful, heartfelt tunes. They have been playing all over Portland the past few years and recently came out with a nine-song album entitled Wildlife. Their music combines beautiful melodies, harmonies and lyrics with northwest […]

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Psychomagic by Psychomagic On Psychomagic’s self-titled debut, released on cassette tape by Lollipop Records, wild fits of reverbed abandon take a backseat to thoughtful garage-pop oldies, making the band’s live set a step above a punk rock sock hop. Skewed realities and catchy ‘60s psychedelia wriggle around songs with such lovelorn titles as “Mutated Love,” […]

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Rio Grands

A-Z EP by Rio Grands Few Portland bands come as summer-ready as Rio Grands. Led by vocalist Colin Jenkins, Rio Grands traffics in the kind of classic, charming pop music that is tailor-made for the sunshine—think a more dapper Beach Boys trading surf riffs for jazz-chord progressions, Tropicália, and songs about girls named Beverly, Ivy […]

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Sama Dams

In a relatively short time, prog- and post-punk maestros Sama Dams have garnered an inspired following for bucking all sorts of aural cliches, instead choosing to forge ahead with brilliantly tempered blasts of soothing instrumentals and swaying experimental rock freakouts courtesy of frontman Sam Adams (not that one). The band’s 2013 LP No Vengeance shows […]

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Summer Cannibals

Summer Cannibals rock about as hard as any Portland band can. Their music is in-your-face, aggressive, garage rock, but also shows elements of hard rock, punk, surf and pop-rock. Their latest EP Make You Better, however, lets you know that this is a straight-up rock ‘n’ roll band and they’re going to make you dance. […]

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The Cry

"Dangerous Game" by The CRY! Rock ’n’ pop. Pop ’n’ roll. No matter which order you say it, The Cry! shake up their hooks and harmonies with a hard edge. Rife with three-minute, glam-infused gems, their new LP Dangerous Game is a real treat. And seeing these high-energy, sweat-soaked boys perform live is not to […]

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Wishyunu has been providing steady, intimate and dreamy synth-pop ever since evolving from a noise project in 2008. The husband and wife duo of Bei Yan and Tony Bertaccini create a lush and surreal atmosphere that is perfect for winding down at the end of an evening, or even for long car rides cruising over […]

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