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Hands In

Polyester Itch by HANDS IN Erick Crosby – aka Hands In – is one of those utterly amazing, innovative artists and entertainers that make a lot of people think they’re just screwing around with music. He’s a one-man pop band, utilizing loops, triggers and myriad other blots of tricky gadgetry that you have to witness […]

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Cambrian Explosion

The psychedelic stew brews thick in Portland these days, but no one is reveling in it with the same reverence as Cambrian Explosion. Borne of the art-house communal dregs of the PALS Clubhouse in Southeast Portland, Cambrian Explosion pieced together a sonically diverse listen on their debut EP, The Sun, replete with roiling organs, warm […]

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FUMES by Grandparents This group of friends came up together from high school through college, and from making their first rumblings in a moldy basement to becoming one of the Portland’s finest. Grandparents is a joyous six-headed hydra spewing fuzzy psychedelic pop over a beat that just can’t miss. Grandparents is the sound of youth […]

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Souvenir Driver

With the release of their 2014 LP Living Water, bliss-pop crew Souvenir Driver take the reins on their previous flirtations with moody Depeche Mode-like swagger, developing a hypnotic kind of minimalism that smooths a salve of ambient guitar manipulations over strong, slow-paced compositions. -RJP

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