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Etbonz has been filling up Portland’s dance floors with his deep, spacey fantasy house jams for a number of years. His mastery of hardware manipulation is fluid, organic and warm. His sets are inviting and all-inclusive. Picture yourself in a dark club with lights spinning, where everyone around you is dancing and you’re on a […]

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PATTERNS IS LIFE by Gulls Jesse Munro Johnson, the dub/techno producer known as Gulls, makes music that doesn’t seem to stop. Hypnotized by Gulls’ driving beats and subtly shifting patterns, you’re liable to get lost within Johnson’s mind. It’s a good place to find yourself, wandering through a ragtag library of African rhythms and spaced-out […]

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Hustle & Drone

Hustle and Drone by Hustle and Drone With their self-titled debut EP release in 2012, Hustle and Drone outpaced electro-fied indie-pop hubris by delivering on a highly anticipated offering following Ryan Neighbors’ departure from his tenure in Portugal. The Man. On the band’s forthcoming debut LP, Holyland, the trio embraces even more of the disco-synth […]

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Philip Grass

Portland’s Dropping Gems label/collective has produced a slew of noteworthy electronic artists over the last few years, and the duo of Burton Schaber and Ben Durfee―aka Philip Grass―is no exception. Manipulating gorgeously bizarre panoramas of sample-based sound tunnels, Philip Grass expand upon mind-bending compositions based on R&B, jazz and ambient drones to create hypnotic realms […]

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Purse Candy

Purse Candy’s Matthew Ellis draws on formal composition and french horn training to craft infectious, finely honed electro-pop. What began as a solo electronic project has evolved into a full band experience, allowing the depth of Ellis’s songs to be fully expressed in a live setting. Purse Candy combines tightly dialed grooves with memorable melodies […]

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