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Let the Pop Begin!

10:10AM on Friday September 29, 2006

PDX Pop Now! 2006 begins tonight, 6:30 p.m., at Loveland. And what does Day 1 hold in store? Just Viva Voce, Old Time Relijun, Siren’s Echo, Please Step Out of the Vehicle, and six other amazing PDX acts, that’s all.

Schedule: Friday, July 28

6:30-7:00: Stars of Track and Field
7:10-7:40: Horse Feathers
7:50-8:20: Small Sails

8:35-9:05: Dramady
9:15-9:45: We’re From Japan!

9:55-10:25: Sexton Blake

10:40-11:10: Please Step Out of the Vehicle
11:20-11:50: Siren’s Echo
12:00-12:30: Old Time Relijun
12:40-1:10: Viva Voce

Don’t forget to check our schedule page to see what Saturday and Sunday will bring, and we’ll see you at Loveland!

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