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2010 PDX Pop Now! Festival

July 30 – August 1
Rotture (315 SE 3rd Ave, PDX)
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Our Mission

PDX Pop Now! is dedicated to stimulating and expanding participation in Portland music. As an all-volunteer organization committed to being accessible, current, and local, we provide and support live performances and recorded materials. We aspire to advance a sustainable community which values inclusivity and a high caliber of artistry to enable a creative dialogue between artist and audience.

Festival Videos

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Festival Photos

Here are some photos taken at past PDX Pop Now! festivals and events. If you have some you’d like to add, please chuck them into our Flickr group.


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The 2010 PDX Pop Now! Festival will be held July 30-31 and August 1

Friday 7/30

6:00: Blue Horns
6:40: Ylang Ylang

7:25: Kusikia
8:05: AgesAndAges

8:50: Rollerball
9:30: AndAndAnd
10:10: Witch Mountain

10:55: Jackie-O Motherfucker
11:35: Tu Fawning
12:15: AU/Dovekin


12:00: Shoeshine Blue
12:40: Tiny Knives
1:20: Soup Purse

2:05: Guantanamo Baywatch
2:45: The Tumblers
3:25: O Bruxo

4:10: Grey Anne
4:50: Fear No Music
5:30: Operative

6:15: Brainstorm
6:55: Asss
7:35: Da’Rel Junior

8:20: Wampire
9:00: Eternal Tapestry
9:40: Defect Defect

10:25: Blue Cranes
11:05: Hosannas
11:45: Joggers
12:25: Hockey


12:00: Why I Must Be Careful
12:40: Michael The Blind
1:20: Joey Casio

2:05: Cloudy October
2:45: Atriarch
3:25: Lewi Longmire

4:10: Krebsic Orkestar
4:50: Autistic Youth
5:30: Billygoat

6:15: Please Step Out of The Vehicle
6:55: I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House
7:35: Ben Darwish

8:20: Get Hustle
9:00: Aan
9:40: Reporter

10:25: Luck One
11:05: Parenthetical Girls
11:45: Typhoon
12:25: Skeletron