PDX Pop Now! Compilation CD Submission Agreement

Thank you for your interest in PDX Pop Now! Each year, PDX Pop Now! puts out a 2-disk compilation CD of original, local music. In order to submit your original music for the CD, please fill out this form completely. Keep in mind that any information you provide may appear in print on the CD Liner notes or for promotional purposes, so it is essential to provide accurate information. Upon completion, please mail this form, along with your selected track (one only, please) as a CD quality, non-compressed audio file to:

    PDX Pop Now!
    PO Box 14828
    Portland, OR

If you have any questions, please contact us: comp@pdxpopnow.com

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This Submission Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into as of _____, _____ 2010, by and between PDX POP NOW!, an Oregon Non-profit corporation ("PPN") and _________________, _________________, _________________, _________________, professionally known as recording and performing artist ________________________ (collectively, "Artist"). The terms and conditions of this Agreement are as follows:

Artist grants PPN the non-exclusive right and ability to use, manufacture, publish, advertise, market and sell Artist's master sound recording and original song composition, "_______________" (collectively, the "Song"), in a compilation CD (the "CD") in conjunction with the 2010 PDX POP NOW! Festival.

Artist, and/or their label or publishing company, retains all rights to the Song not provided to PPN. PPN's rights to use the master sound recording and song composition shall be limited to the above uses in conjunction with the CD and shall be perpetual throughout the universe.

Artist represents and warrants that the master sound recording and the underlying composition is an original work by Artist, and that no additional permissions of any kind are required to reproduce or distribute the Song, or any part of it, as contemplated in this Agreement, including clearing any sound samples or beats. PPN cannot accept non-original works, including cover songs of any kind.

Artist grants PPN the right to include the Song, as well as the names of Artist, and any band trademarks or service marks in the CD packaging and any advertising or promotional materials related to the sale, distribution or marketing of the CD.

Artist hereby indemnifies, and agrees to hold PPN and their sales or marketing affiliates, harmless, from any loss, damage and expense (including reasonable attorney's fees) that PPN may suffer by reason of any claim which is inconsistent with any promise, representation or warranty made by Artist in this Agreement.

Artist grants PPN a non-exclusive worldwide and perpetual license to incorporate the Song in the CD to be distributed on a promotional basis or sold by PPN.

As consideration for the limited rights granted to PPN, Artist may receive promotional consideration. Other than this valuable promotional consideration, there will be no payment or royalties, including mechanical royalties, to Artist with respect to the use of the Song.

Your signature below indicates that you have the authority on behalf of Artist to grant all rights and abilities, including songwriting rights; publishing rights; trademark usage rights; publicity rights; sound recording rights; and sampling and beat licensing rights.

Agreed and accepted,


Print Name


PPN may use information about bands that submit songs for the compilation to fulfill its mission of supporting and promoting Portland's local music community. Artist grants PPN non-exclusive worldwide and perpetual rights to use the name of Artist, band members and related band information, for the in-context uses of promoting the Compilation CD, the PDX POP NOW! Festival, PPN and/or Artist in any media now known or later developed, including inclusion in promotional materials and the World Wide Web. If you would like your information excluded, please check here. ____