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August 3-5 at AudioCinema! As always,
Free and All Ages! Check out the schedule for more details!


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Our Mission

PDX Pop Now! is dedicated to stimulating and expanding participation in Portland music. As an all-volunteer organization committed to being accessible, current, and local, we provide and support live performances and recorded materials. We aspire to advance a sustainable community which values inclusivity and a high caliber of artistry to enable a creative dialogue between artist and audience.

Festival Photos

Last year’s festival took place July 28 – 30, 2006 at Loveland, and boy was it awesome. Here are some photos from the weekend. If you have some you’d like to add, please chuck them into our Flickr group.


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The 2007 Compilation

Buy it now from CD Baby!

This two-disc collection, a rich – though by no means exhaustive – sampling of our city’s vibrant music community, serves up both rare treats from artists you probably know well (check the stunning Decemberists demo) and tantalizing bites from names you’ll probably want to get to know a lot better, like high school pop sensations The Hugs.

The compilation will is available for purchase ($7) at local retail outlets and online at CD Baby. Proceeds from sales of the album go towards funding the festival and the rest of our activities.


01 Swim Swam Swum – “Without Your French”
02 Lips and Ribs – “Battle in Nagoya”
03 Modernstate – “SSMF”
04 Menomena – “Wet and Rusting”
05 Syndel – “Lemme Hear It”
06 World Court – “Maps”
07 The Hand That Bleeds – “Shattered Love Trance”
08 The Ocean Floor – “A Simple Adventure”
09 Laura Gibson – “Come by Storm”
10 Mirah and Spectratone International – “Community”
11 Evolutionary Jass Band – “Phyllis’ Frindge”
12 Old Time Relijun – “The Tightest Cage”
13 Black Elk – “Toss You to the Wolves”
14 Ethan Rose – “Ceiling Song 3 (Excerpt)”
15 Lifesavas – “No Surprise”
16 Alela Diane – “Up North”
17 YACHT – “See a Penny (Pick it Up)”
18 Starfucker – “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second”
19 Colin Meloy (of The Decemberists) – “Culling of the Fold”


02 Kristin Hersh – “Blackstone”
03 Sweater! – “Mediterranean”
04 Panther – “How Well Can You Swim?”
05 Ohmega Watts – “4 Days in Geneva”
06 Run On Sentence – “Carrie Pt. II”
07 Exploding Hearts – “(Making) Teenage Faces”
08 Derby – “If Ever There’s a Reason”
09 The Hugs – “North”
10 Eric John Kaiser – “L’Odyssee”
11 Ferocious Eagle – “Bastards”
12 The Better to See You With – “Garden”
13 Hungry Mob – “To the People”
14 Klezmocracy – “Hava Netze B’machol”
15 Wilding & AED – “Broken Branches”
16 The Robot Ate Me – “Empty Feelings”
17 Alan Singley – “Never Knew”
18 Nice Boys – “Johnny Guitar”
19 31Knots – “Sanctify”
20 White Rainbow – “Mystic Prism”
21 The Shaky Hands – “Soul”

Special thanks to CD Forge for burning the CDs, Stumptown Printers for printing the packaging, Dan Stiles for the amazing artwork, and all the artists for donating their wonderful music.

If you have any thoughts, comments or questions, please send the comp committee an e-mail.