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2005 Festival Photos

Last year's festival took place August 5 - 7, 2005 at Loveland, and boy was it awesome. Here are some photos from the weekend. If you have some you'd like to add please chuck them into our Flickr group.

Our Mission

Featuring more than forty bands chosen by local musicians and fans, the second annual PDX Pop Now! festival will showcase the astonishing breath and depth of Portland's local music scene.

With Loveland generously donating its space for two days and three nights worth of shows from Aug 5 through Aug 7, PDX Pop Now! is a local music event meant for EVERYONE. No matter what age you are, or what type of music you listen to, our goal is to provide you one place to catch some of Portland's finest, in a safe and fun atmosphere. Who knows? Maybe next year, you'll start your own music festival!

As the national music press glows over Portland's diverse and experimental music community, we've decided to celebrate here at home. Who are we? A group of local musicians, writers, and fans from the PDX-POP mailing list who've coalesced around the idea of organizing a free local music festival. Our mission? Celebrate the achievements of bands who've achieved "success" - while promoting the no-less talented but often lesser-known bands around town.


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PDX Pop Now! is changing our festival dates! Mark your calendars -- Friday August 5, Saturday August 6, and Sunday August 7 are our new dates.


We are thrilled to be able to announce this year's compilation tracklisting! Many many thanks to everyone who contributed tracks this year -- please keep sending us your music, as we are looking into alternate distribution methods for the tracks so generously donated to PDX Pop Now!

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2005-02-09:   Nomination for this year PDX Pop Now Festival

There are a few days left to nominate your favorite Portland bands! Just like last year, we will try to book the bands that receive the most votes from a citywide ballot (more details on that coming soon). The results of your votes - Yes, yours - will help determine who plays the festival in August. Once the votes are compiled, the booking committee will select bands using the voting results as a guideline, while also working to ensure that the festival represents a diverse array of music and includes some younger, lesser-known bands.

2005-03-17 Interview with Portland Mercury

Ezra from the Mercury weekly has interviewed one of our PDXPop Now! teammates Cary Clarke -- you can read it online here.

2005-03-10:   PDX Pop Now! 2005 open house

Team PDXPOP Now! cordially invites you to join us in an open forum where we will discuss what direction to take the festival and our organization this year and beyond! We had a blast organizing, witnessing and participating last year, and a key motivating factor in our electing to continue to forge ahead this year was the fantastic response we got from everyone who attended the festival. We want to make sure that we stay in touch with the community from which we sprouted and invite you to participate in making this year's festival a reality. We're looking for some enthusiastic "fresh blood," as it were, so if you have any thoughts about what worked last year and what should be done differently this year, come share them with us. We're hungry for new ideas, and thirsty for blood! I should also add that The event/discussion/openhouse/roundtable is as follows:

Monday March 14
Loveland (the former MeowMeow, home of PDXPOP Now! 2004)
320 SE 2nd Ave. Look for the secret entrance!

We plan to have pictures, sounds, deliciousness and you!

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