System and Station

Sounds like: think epic rock somewhere between Led Zeppelin, Drive Like Jehu, Yes, Shiner, Radiohead and Bach.

System and Station formed in Boise, ID in 1998. The band started as a three piece and moved across the country only five months after its inception. In August of 2001 System and Station packed up and headed to Portland, OR to work the west side of the country and be closer to their families. In September Crustacean released a compilation album of songs recorded during the span of time in Madison and was titled "Compiling the #7".

In 2002, Rfk Heise as an original member (he is the songwriter, voice and centerpiece for s+s) was joined by Josh Vasby and Bryan Fairfield from Madison, WI who became the new rhythm section and Palmer Cloud from Boise, ID (a former band mate of Rfk's) who became the second guitarist and fourth member of System and Station. After only five months the band recorded the strongest material to date and headed out for a southern tour. Since the line up change in June 2002 the band has been turning heads with their relentless high energy and epic live shows. In late July of 2003 the EP "If you find me let me know" was released through Crustacean records as well as Latest Flame of Milwaukee followed by a Midwest/ East Coast tour.

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