Jeremy Wilson

Through the years I have remained focused and reflective on what I do as an artist. My studio life has been rich in both time and growth, and I find great personal rewards, in the art of singer and writer and producer. I approach things in a way that I believe has integrity and that I hope is somehow working for good. Good, simply in that to look at the world around one's self and remain someone who does feel greatly inspired by its beauty and intensity and who maintains a desire to reflect some aspect of this awesome beauty back, is I believe a worthy vision.

As to what my music sounds like? I can't be the one to tell you by writing. Not that I can't go on forever about how I feel connected to music and what I am exploring and or trying to say through music. It is my hope however, that I share much of this energy through touring and playing live shows and by spending as much time as I can in recording studios making music with people whose talents I admire. Whether it is with the six-piece band, with organ, piano, electric guitars, bass, drums and back-up singers' accompanying me that was Pilot; or whether it's just me playing as a solo singer and guitar player, I try to find an artistic and technical way to communicate through the music itself and my best abilities. It's an inner trip and my passion.

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