Adam Wayne and Pamela Rooney, having shared another band (Drive), met Sarah FitzGerald in January of 2002. After releasing The Scenic EP in October of the same year, the three searched for a new drummer and found Nathanael Merrill in the summer of 2003.

Though they take vast influence from early 1990s British shoegaze (often compared to My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Ride), Charmparticles keep things focused by taking more of a pop approach to their songwriting. There's more snap than drone to their songs. Hooks and harmonies spread themselves over warm layers of astral sounds, alternately pillowy and pointed.

The six songs on their new EP Sit Down for Staying parallel the very truth of this band: thorough, thoughtful, daydreaming perfectionists and part-time technicians who deliver their every electrical impulse toward pinpointing and amplifying each frequency inside them.

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