Bella Fayes

The Bella Fayes was formed in the Summer of 2000 from a bond between Geffen recording artist Lael Alderman and three Northwest music stalwarts (Jason Henry from the band Architecture, Daven Hall from Thrillbilly, and Shane Fisher from Drive). The band quickly built up a following with their powerful live performances that were brash and abrasive while also being reflective and poignant. Combining ringing distorted guitar hooks with refined lyrics, and a rebellious aesthetic borrowed from post-punk, the band simultaneously sounded traditional and modern. Their debut six-song EP "So Much More Than 'Hello'" CD received critical praise in the press, extensive radio play on local radio stations. The band was also featured on FOX 49 television performing "In the Transistor's Glow" in its entirety in order to promote the Bella Fayes showcase at the Musicfest Northwest Music Conference.

The Bella Fayes are due to release their second full-length LP Far From the Discos in August, showing an expansion of their song repertoire, as their sound evolves into something all their own. (Their first LP The Truth in a Beautiful Lie is recorded in a live setting.) This album exhibits hints of Stooges-era energy right next to Beck-influenced sentiment, sometimes in the same song. Offering more groovy midtempo ditties and carefully layered rhythms of syncopation, they can balance dirty guitars and analog noise with the warmth of creative beat-driven rock. It is a sonic brew with many unexpected twists and turns, as these four united musicians are beginning to add songwriter stylings to their ragtag rocking.

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